Bentley Garment Care Services


Our Dry Cleaning Services

We take pride in offering only the highest standards of professional dry cleaning services to our customers across London, using delicate yet effective methods which are designed to bring out the best in extremely valuable garments. Whether you require the preservation of your beloved wedding dress or are looking for a specialist dry cleaners to take care of your unique stage costumes, we are on hand to help.

Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning

Choosing to use the services of a professional wedding dress cleaner is imperative, to ensure that your precious gown is being treated in the right way. We can clean all types of wedding dresses, even those labelled as Specialist Dry Clean, Spot Clean and even those that state ‘Do Not Dry Clean’.

Our specialist methods will ensure that all fabrics, from delicate silks to beading and diamante, remain preserved and undamaged.

Whether you’re looking to keep and store your wedding dress and cherish it for years to come, or need it to be cleaned in order to sell it, we would be delighted to help.

Discover more information about our wedding dress dry cleaning service here.


Costume Dry Cleaning

We have been offering our dry cleaning services to clients across London for over fifty years. We offer a professional service which is focused on meticulous fabric care and have the expertise to care for even the most delicate materials.

We are well known within the Entertainment Industry for having maintained the wardrobes of many past and current television, film and theatrical productions. We pride ourselves on the quality of our service and have worked with many well-known designer brands, from Bond Street to Saville Row.

If you would like to find out more about our costume dry cleaning service, take a look here.